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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about how Planit works.
Do I need a host code to use the Planit app?
The Planit app offers are only available to guests staying with registered hosts.
Do I have to book my entire itinerary, or can I do it individually?
Yes, of course!  You have the ability to book an entire itinerary to save you time, but if you want to book one experience only.  Simply go into the experience on your app and select 'confirm activity'.
What is your cancellation policy?
Each of the experiences listed on the Planit App has their own set of cancellation policies, which we follow.  If you cancel outside of an experiences cancellation period, you will receive a full refund..
How to I claim a refund?
To cancel a booking, simply open the activity in your itinerary and select 'Request Refund' in the top right hand corner of your experience.  If you choose to cancel a booking, if this falls outside of the experience's cancellation policy, we will process your refund immediately.  Your refund can take between 5-10 business days and will be refunded onto the original card you paid with.
What does it mean when my booking is pending?
Unlike other platforms, we don't take money from our customers until it is confirmed by an experience.  If your booking status is 'pending', this means that we are waiting for an experience to confirm that they have availability for that specific date and time. Once they have confirmed, payment will be taken.  If they do not have availability, you will be offered an alternative date/time.
Why do I need to enter each persons age when I create my group?
To save you time and to make your itinerary planning process as smooth as possible. We have built the Planit App in a way where it will automatically assign you to a price based on your age. This primarily applies to infants & Children as each experience has their own age range for child tickets.
It won't let me confirm my itinerary?
If you aren't able to get through to the payment stage when confirming your itinerary, it means of of the experiences you have selected requires more information such as date or time. It may also mean one or more of your group members has a missing information field such as their height, weight or DOB. Each experience requires their own fields of information in order to make a booking. Don't worry though, once you enter this one, it will save to each persons profile.
What is a bundle price? Why is it only on some experiences?
Bundle prices are a way you can save even more money. When selected bundle pricing, it means there are group discounts to be had. Unfortunately, not all experiences offer bundle offers.

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